Sunday, April 23, 2006

I am Revidiot

I think I have taken a bigger bite than I can chew. I am the CAD manager at a small architectural firm which usually does high end residential work using AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop. We landed a multi-story, mixed-use building contract, I suggested we take a look at Revit. Suddenly, I find myself creating hellical parking ramps, arched curtain walls, trying to figure out Revit's error mesages and having an enormous amount of fun. The powers that be have approved training, but that isn't until June. In a way this is good, by then I should have enough experience to ask some questions. In the mean time I have turned to the avenue that earned me an education good enough to get me into a CAD manager's position; newsgroups. The Revit NG's and forums on the various Revit sites are filled with brilliant, generous folks. To you guys I say "thanks!" though words truly can't express my gratitude. It is great when a problem is encountered, posted, replied to and finally solved. It makes me look like less of an idiot. Well, maybe not but it makes me feel like less of an idiot.

What I want to do here and at is to address the problems that I encounter as I learn and use Revit in a real world environment. I want to share solutions, tips, explanations and maybe a few families that I create. I am not trying to duplicate what is already out there. For example while I may post a video or two, I have found to be the site for Revit (and ACAD & ADT) training videos. I can't compete nor will I try. Obviously is the site for Revit content. Again, I can't compete and won't try. While Revidiot is a novel concept I think you will find that I really am an idiot, A Revidiot.

It is so nice to look forward to going to work again. Revit is truly that much fun for me. In my mind it is what architectural design and drafting software should be, should have been. I was skeptical when Autodesk bought Revit but they have taken good care of Revit. It is a good thing that there is that much money behind the product. It can only make it better. When the upgrades are shoved up your ass it just makes a proctology exam a little bit easier. Oh wait we are on subscription never mind. Well its off to the office. I get to work on a 6th floor pool that cascades into a 5th floor spa. In Revit, it is still fun. How cool is that?