Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stairs Show Differently in Plan and Section


In creating a simple stair, the junction at the top of the stair and floor appear correct in plan (Fig.1). The stair is set to end with a riser.

Fig. 1: Plan of stair - floor junction

In section however (Fig. 2) the junction is shown incorrectly. The problem is that in plan Revit shows the front edge of the stair tread nosing as the riser.

Fig. 2: Section of stair - floor junction

Fig. 3: Visibility Graphics for Stairs

Unless I am missing something, which I probably am, to get Revit to display this junction correctly you must not have nosing on the stairs. I don't see a way in the Visibility Graphics settings (Fig. 3) to control the display of risers and nosings. This sucks as I need nosing on my stair treads. I will investigate this further and solicit comments. When I have arrived at a "work-around" I will post it as a solved problem or "Hic-up" at www.revidiot.com.


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